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 nope !  recent  Blogs  FIRST  to showcase my freshest

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Hopefully my experimentations with blogging are  nearly   paused.

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Since this model of the blog-on-website design is working the way I want it..

Now to work on showing it on various size devices.

OR maybe waiting for-ever for ver. 4 to see if there are any changes that will help me.

Cleared some icy edges out of the driveway hill, readying for tomorrow's snow. Spray snowthrower starter fluid SHOULD keep the City off my back.


I've been quivering between 2 expensive tree removal services.

~ $5000 for ONE tall tree overhanging part of our house.

Colorado metro pri$ing

Under constant seasonal threat of damaging 100 mph+ winds called the "Chinook" (snow eater) by early natives along the east side of the Rocky Mountains. (they had only tipis)

"Roof Ripper" might be another good name. Except we have hurricaine tiedown plates fixing us in place (so far). 

"Tiko clips" is another trade name. Thus pinning us down for any damage to be dealt. "Ceiling Piercer" I don't want.

An old, dead tree already went over this winter into the neighbor's back yard. Fortunately a low-dollar chainsaw wielder cleaned THAT up. Now's the time for a little fence-mending.  He's experienced in chain-link repair, too.


I took the opportunity of rehabilitating from an excess of snow shoveling yesterday to substitute some simpler graphics for a little of the text that appears when the website first opens to the blog.

I'll evaluate it over the next couple of days.

As ever, the design principle of  KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid should be followed.

But, alas..  alors et alons..


All their moaning about the Marshal Fire..

It was just a "prairie fire" that happened onto big sections of real estate development.

Such equity should have hotshot protection standing by.

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