"Wot ? no comfy landing page ?"

Nope,  Blogs 1st   to showcase my freshest  half-baked  thoughts. Check @ Hmm.. for rationale.


I bought an extensive set of help files for a graphics post production adjustments program.

The narrator turned out to be somewhat high pitched female voice, excited to a rapid rate sometimes.

The files were Mp4 format movies. I needed to adjust at least the speed of video delivery.

Dragging each file onto the editing panel of the current iMovie allowed use of a Slow Motion control.

Set at a custom eighty percent ( 80%) the Mp4 moved at a more pleasant rate for my understanding.

A bonus is the audio frequency also decreased =more bass, less alto.

Not being the file format the iMovie program really wanted to work with, not all program functions worked.

But, for human understanding, the result is better than expected !


The "itch" to publitch ? a blog drives experimentation with how easiest to do it with the Sparkle app.

SUMMARY of some past blogs

Sacre nom !  (apologies..Bastille Day enthusiasm !!)

The NAME is the key to finding a blog.

+ it alerts the user, browsing among many, as to the tenor and seriousness of the content.


Through Duncan's mercy I now know what wrong expectation of mine was getting in the way of making this index of blogs work.

Appeal for his support!   He may listen and respond.


Somehow having a smart field "open" in the text of a blog, caused exposure of the pagination link in the NEXT most recent blog.

Best to kill the blog post containing the offending smart field.



Hopefully my experimentation with blogging is paused.

I'll just use it, as it is, to see if I like it.


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