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The continuous evolution of Carving  

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Should blogposts be frozen arifacts of a prior state ?


Memories that want correcting ??



Trying to enrapt my head with Sparkle's unique website construct features 

via a template from @francbrowne that instructs on how to change

font and color to an initial state for a website .  ??


The SparkleApp editing panels to the left and right of the main screen 

might be termed "Dynamic Table of Contents' 


 "Versatile Inspector"  respectively  

They are adjustible and condition the views of the website, 

AND access to tools for modifications 

and are, therefore, somewhat confusing. 




SparkleApp's editing controls on the left and right sides of the program's editing window can interact unexpectedly. 

First establish the page. 

For blogging use the Blog button in the workspace top menu. 

Refer to the previous blogpost (now vanished) to prepare the page.

e.g. making space below the Menu for dropdowns to appear w/o overlay confusion .  

Write some content, Save. 

Click the page Menu  ONCE !  for simple access. 

(any highlighted item can be "arrainged"  ,  just go back to making Menu showing on top 

before saving & publishing) 

Now on the right side The stack of Blog pages show up, 

 Style  Arrange  Page    are active buttons at the top 

Style controls the color of text  +  shows the page stack  + more. 

Arrange allow editing & moving of specific blog pages  

Including sub pages 

It can be tedious to click enough times to expose and highlight a sub item 

to drag it, rename it, etc.

In the highlighted Menu item look on the right side and make sure the Menu is dragged to be on TOP  

Save carefully, then highlight the home page at the top of the left marginal controls. 

Save the whole project ! 

Review locally with Preview AND Save it by Publishing globally to the website AND review again


   <d  published             <-

                                                          Allows final review of website saved  published             <-                                                            Allows final rThere is a LITTLE control at the top of on-screen Options button Menu.  

That allows review of  PUBLISHED  results