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17/08/2022 edited 2/10 2022 & 27/11

" 1 day install" (stalled)..


- The "step in" bathing stall experience -

One day stretched to 3 because of unavailability of  a"master plumber" to give advice about marrying bath pvc plumbing to the existing antique cast iron drain. 

Solution was a rubber "boot" with PVC connector.

THEN Labor Day weekend intervened. 

THEN the drywall mud texture guy could not cure all problems installer left hanging. 

Luckily I had demanded that the NEXT fixit guy should be further up the discretionary ladder. 

YET Another couple of hours on another day 

..to get 2 minor problems fixed.  

Our in-house retired Patent Attorney (my wife) had  rewritten their walk-in bathtub installer's contract, & it was ACCEPTED ! 

They must not want us to "stall" about anything?