Bath-ter-math ?

With much muscle & wall cutting the Kohler unit is in.

It seems to gush as advertised and desired. A few surprises tho.

We may need a larger hot water heater; especially if washing dishes or clothes simultaneously with bathing of a body.

There MAY be auxiliary heating going on. 

Standing in the tub as it fills with warmed water, the fluid's temperature can be felt dropping. If the puddle is deep enough to cover jets that in-jetting can feel like it is topping up the whole bath heat?

Making the puddle deeper, quicker might happen were a ten gallon gas can (filled with water !) sunk in the pit where normally only feet go.

Pull it out after the bath water rises.

More to be determined by Archamedian experiment.


Retro editing of blog posts

Easy "going back" to older blog posts is a feature of SparkleApp

(perhaps easy revisioning is NOT an intended feature).

However it is not so easy when the initial creation of the blog post is interrupted.

 Surgery on a non-comatose patient is not recommended.

Today is more jackhammering, and wall cutting to slither the Kohler step-in bath into an older basement bathroom never designed to allow such retro-fitting.

The tight turn at the foot of the stairs was negotiated, barely.

The bathroom insertion, not so much. Considerable wall rebuilding is still necessary.

God may know the price, but He is schtum.

further . .


Blogging while the contractors discover more problems.

Underneath the cast iron tub from the last century  there was a cavity in the basement floor slab.

A cavity for the drain pipes. A cavity for the NEXT problem to lurk in. 

Smooth PVC from the current install needs to marry with the old threaded iron of the main drain. Needs a jackhammer and concrete to rest overnight BEFORE setting the new Kohler 

walk-in soaking/bathing tub. Tomorrow.

AND a Master Plumber's rubber stamp.

120 V. power is coming off of a 240 V. panel; routed differently through floor joists & etc.

Flex hose wants to be long enough to reach the hand-held spray clipped onto a vertical wall bar. AND the seated user.

Said seated user wants to be able to semi-recline (since tub is NOT long enough to lie down.

Sales person says you can recline on the flotation of the water!

OR see amazon bath pillows.

Gives new meaning to "Home Moaner".


NOT inspired..

I guess it is the $21 K! upcoming Kohler walk in hybrid bath install in a couple of days.

Has me fixated like the prey of a snake.

I took out 2 existing grab bars on the old bath tub surround.

Exhausted, it is that I was..  Hand/wrist twisting at awkward angles. Lucky to have power tools for the finishing twirl.

Will take photos of before and after the install, in case they mess it up.

Extracting the old bath tub may be the telling test.

I'll remove at least one bannister on the stair. Any scars?


Not sure that the contractor and agents REALLY want the best outcome for us. [Even though priciest]

No good reason for this attitude , but we'll remain vigilant while the Kohler walk-in tub with Shower set up goes on. 

Also whether there is really enough hotwater supply.

What would be our recourse?

    0. NOT cutting a bigger bathroom doorway to get tub in.

    1. Keeping the old tub to reinstall.

    2. Buying a lower cost walk-in bath like Safe-Step.

            Purportedly that is the "tupperware" alternative, with the                                               "pork-chop shaped door that may not seal as well.

OK so long as it doesn't leak.


    3. Adding persistence of heat to the water supply with an 

        in-line on-the-wall heater 

            OR a pressurized add-on capsule heat tank.

            I have a smallish one attached to the main tank, already.