~ Contentment ~ 

We tore out a good old gas furnace to install Elephant Energy's 

 whole house heat pump system. 

WHY?  To see what living with new technology might be like. 

Monetary conclusion? Fronted $20,00  some hefty rebates in 2 months + 

Persistent comfort is OK under normal conditions,  some "institutional quality"  fan noise "susurrus?"  in ducts.

    (Extreme winter temperatures STILL require  poking the thermostat by 1 or 2 points.) 

Colorado Excel can now burn whatever they have; 

   polluting the prairie air elsewhere 

       to furnish us with electricity. 

            At what cost to the environment ?  to us ?       

Testable by utility billing  - and trouble free ?

(Data points: February '24 / just came in with a $100 monthly INCREASE ! to ~$500)

Winter heat is a claimed $250 electricity savings.  BUT summer operation gives  lower cost AC. 


  Elephant Colorado has local management, acting as a 

general contractor. 

   Subcontractors do install and system start up procedures. 

   Elephant Project Mgr. claims diligent oversight.       Eventually . .

 Installed October 1923   after cold snap

troubleshooting  January and April  1924 

after cold snaps 

Now we are advised the "after installation care" has been transferred to Hakuna Mataata (sic) a separate entity.

I was quoted $200 for a one-time visit by a troubleshooter.

Trying to get the automatic thermostatic control of heating and cooling to work on a schedule - 

(later, it seems to work now. 

( thermostat instructions confused me ).

An April snowstorm was pouring cold so I agreed.

Presently it is pleasantly cozy.

Won't know about the AC until another month, at least.