24/07/2022  edited  28/7

projecting projects

In these "golden sunset years" not too much is expected of me.

I'm trying to force Kaiser medical to do something about my feet. There is neuropathy; I'm too fat and dizzy to bend over and trim my own nails. My wife has done it but a recent episode with blood put her off the interaction.

Kaiser must have some standard of care for geriatrics such as me, but with Covid and variants they are trying to shrug it off to protect their workforce. Tomorrow there is a "gateway" appointment with my GP. That may gain me access to a podiatric specialist. If not, I have a supposed booking a month away with the Visiting Nurse Association. Actually I'LL have to visit that worthy at the local Senior Center. You would think such maintenance trimming would be standardized and routinely accessible. They are getting long enough to trip over, or tear on a snag.

Done !  No pain.  Thank you Dr. Clemensen - Boulder.

I'm no longer fighting this SparkleApp blogging software. 

- for now

It's easier than "WordSquish".

Recycling my few photos into a memorial website is ongoing.

I just got a refurbished weed trimmer operational and protected from thrashing itself to death. I can pick up and set it down without kneeling; helping the residence look attended to.  

The huge tree got craned out in piece$$$$ over the house. The roof is now thereby protected.

The neighbor's house is derelict; so we look passably good by comparison. Our renters have supplied an interesting raised bed garden on the front lawn.

What other project is worth my attention?  Fire proof metal cladding? Hail resistant solar panels on the roof? Attaching a garage to house a house battery? Buying a dilapidated motel to contain our generations? 

Dr. Peter Skafte

1996 - Greenland northern tip expedition

he was there - I was not !