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The continuous evolution of Carving  

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Desert windows into a different time.

In warmer weather a native people sat in shade where now we see snow.

They chipped at calcedony nodules trying to get a straight edged flake for a tool, maybe even a rare arrow point out of that twisty mineral.

While climbing such a monolith ("the Sentinal" we called it)  I found still scattered debutage chips from their hard work on the bench.

A Park Service ranger appeared, but we prevailed on him to jumar up our fixed rope to patrol the summit. 

It was before forbidding rules required his frown.

A  gap  in  time . .

Fresh from scaling Shiprock on the Navajo Reservation

with a "happy band" of brothers from the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group, we gamboled around the Utah desert.

No Climbing ?

No Climbing !

 NO climbing  !