Beginnings . . .

Consider slipping and falling,

bouncing, and rolling abrasion

         NOT grabbing !

on such "easy" slabs . . alas .

Known as the "Slab Rocks" to early/surly pioneers, the Flatirons looked likely to be easily split and quarried  for sale.

Now they are protected as Boulder's  mountain backdrop and semi-annual bird & bat roosts.

This rock climbing nursery nurtured my ascentionist skills

on the steeper edges and back sides.

Thence I progressed around the mountain West; eventually to Yosemite Valley.

 . . 32 ft per sec / sec     alas!

A climber's view..

Always on my mind.

Looking down from a cliff edge in Yosemite.

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The sunlit cliff edge

and the dark, dank, wet wall; waiting below