A problem for the intermittant blog and website author.

There are SO many moving parts to this web creation software that when I get away from it for a while.. it gets away from me.


Went with a cheaper hosting plan with host SITEGROND.

Any defects?

2nd  try

Seemingly no problem upon publication to host, and thence to internet.


 End of life for at least one of the internal speakers on my 2015 Mac BookPro

Intolerable sound quality. No point in a $250 teardown charge just to replace a speaker. 

Might be getting one of the new M2 chip laptops anyway.

None of my sound conditioning software helped. 

BUT noticed that headphones were as ok as before,

Got a $25 Anker powered speaker with USB cord to charge the battery  & Bluetooth to manage the  headphone port connection.

"Battleship" quality construction

Initially there was a "connection rejected" error.

Stumbling around in settings somehow got me beyond that problem. Testing now with YouTube Xmas muzak.

Later.. -

Returned the older (cheaper) Anker to Amazon.

Got the latest and greatest (price) version.

Bluetooth now starts almost automatically.

Supposed to be higher frequency sound quality.

The bass is great at reverberating off of any flat surface the unit is set on. If it can be set ONLY on ridges surrounding the flat surface, makes the sound tru-er.

Strung from the ceiling might be good, but limiting.

Best is my Widex hearing aids using their iPhone control software to emphasize the treble I'm reaching for in the audio signal.


Previous blog posts were largely experimental.

They have been DELETED !   being surplus to requirements.

The complexity of saving to an archive fails in the face of maintaining them in date order.

17/08/2022 edited 2/10 2022 & 27/11

" 1 day install" (stalled)..


- The "step in" bathing stall experience -

One day stretched to 3 because of unavailability of  a"master plumber" to give advice about marrying bath pvc plumbing to the existing antique cast iron drain. 

Solution was a rubber "boot" with PVC connector.

THEN Labor Day weekend intervened. 

THEN the drywall mud texture guy could not cure all problems installer left hanging. 

Luckily I had demanded that the NEXT fixit guy should be further up the discretionary ladder. 

YET Another couple of hours on another day 

..to get 2 minor problems fixed.  

Our in-house retired Patent Attorney (my wife) had  rewritten their walk-in bathtub installer's contract, & it was ACCEPTED ! 

They must not want us to "stall" about anything?