The duvet slides off my rounded belly at night.

Winter is coming.  ;^)

My bed platform is a Twin, basically narrow like a single. 

I lashed the upper inside duvet corner with a string that anchors to a leg of the bed near my head. 

(bless 640# test Paracord !)

Perhaps that will work. A dry Archaemedian experiment.


The "old masters" painted over expensive skins - NOT scraping them bare, for fear of damaging the tissue.

Through expensive computers WE can do something alike.

Adding and RE-visioning text is obvious. 

Dropping in new graphics as the mood takes us, allows improving the story line. Copying for private use..


considering the powered bath

(Tracking adjusts the kerning between sequential letters.

1.1 is ok)

Kohler experimentation:

My small hot water heater almost supplies enough heat.   I can augment the tub water by turning on a bubbler function, THEN the in-line heater which "keeps the tub water heat at the level sensed" 

Make the tub water as hot as I can initially stand, then when deep enough to cover the first 2 jets on the back, turn the bubbles heat at highest heat level.

Is that working as desired?


Blog Posting picked up where I left it a week or 2 ago.

Has NOT been any medical issue until yesterday when blood reappeared in my urine. Had just agreed to a cat scan for the source of blood.

So goes the spin of the world.

What with Labor Day delay the Kohler step in bath WITH shower took a week to install. Tight, old basement. 2nd hardest the installer said.

Could I "advocate" for the Kohler? No good way to comparison shop.

Seems to work ok, when we schedule our small hot water heater.

Perhaps an auxiliary wall heater for the hot water supply?


Induced the bath installer to texture AND paint the wall damage from their extensive cutouts to squeeze the Kohler unit into our basement bathroom.

Supposed to happen after Labor Day. We'll see.

A little caulking to be done at the top of the shower enclosure to keep moisture vapor out from behind the ceiling.

Morning shock of articles of impeachment for Biden. 

'Je oppose !

Heading for the hills to cool off.

"So far, at least eight resolutions to impeach Biden have been offered since his inauguration in 2021"