Is it possible ?

A long list of notes in the "Note2self" Menu category bcomes unwieldly.

I would like to break up the long list still keeping the linking the notes started with.

A sub Menu-like item such that the contained notes disappear from the list, 

but reappear as a shorter list when the subMenu item is clicked..

would seem ideal, but can it be done within Sparkle's programming ? 

Overlapping logic

Anyone who has perused various pages in this weblog has been tripped up 

by unwanted overlapping of some parts.

Usually one can "read around" the admittedly awkward problem areas .

Nevertheless it's awkward.

The tedious process of repositioning parts of the page entry to avoid overlap 

 is REALLY awkward .

Usually the on-screen BACKarrow helps straighten out navigation.

At least it may lessen the burden on the bloggist .

I have appealed to the software developer for a "cookbook solution" .

None forthcoming so far.