I came into "The Valley" (Yosemite in California) when I was about 25 years old.  Down a creek, over a solid Sierra snowpack, a waterfall at the north rim, then this view of the Lost Arrow spire.

Later climbed it with ropework, down from the rim and back. 

The original ascent from the valley floor was 6 days. Me, not up to that - ever.

I did lead the tip pitch, because I was the lightest, and crucial piton placements were eroded and insecure.  It took a little more than half a day.

Getting back was an epic Tyrolean traverse on ropes to the rim.

The waterfall roared and occasionally a fine mist was blown in our direction.  A fine time.

The East Buttress of El Capitan rock in Yosemite. 

A MUCH lower angle climb than the famous routes. Still took about 8 hours of scampering.

With our hands beat up from the multi-day effort on Panorama Point 

(1st ascent of the "Iluminata of the Ilhouette") we turned to a much smaller rock. 

Still, my partner fell ("astride the rude rope") apologies) and we retreated from that